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Halloween safety tips

October 31, 2016

Halloween safety tips

The kids are excited for their big night tonight and Cape Breton Regional Police are offering safety tips, for them and drivers.

The trick-or-treating will take place generally between 5:00pm and 7:00pm and drivers are urged to use extreme caution with the kids running back and forth across streets.

For the kids, police recommend brightly coloured costumes with reflective tape.  Keep costumers short to avoid tripping.  Carry a flashlight.  Use makeup instead of masks.

Other safety tips are:

– Try to stay in well-lit areas.
– Avoid riding bicycles when wearing costumes; they may get caught in the chain or wheels.
– Be careful crossing the streets; go down one side of the street and then up the other side to limit the number of times you cross.
– Go trick-or-treating in groups; younger children should trick-or-treat with a parent or other responsible adult.
– Discuss your route with your parents and what time you will be back home.
– Never go inside a house, apartment or car of someone you don’t know. Stay on the doorstep or sidewalk while trick-or-treating.
– Have your parents check your treats before eating them.

Police also encourage homeowners to make trick-or-treaters feel safe:

– Keep porch lights or external security lights on.
– Keep doors clear and accessible and avoid decorations that are flammable or can pose a tripping hazard.
– Don’t invite children inside your home.
– Only pass out commercially wrapped candy and snacks.
– Keep pets indoors, as they may be easily scared by children in costumes.

Police ask residents to pay attention in and around their own properties and neighbourhoods and contact police should they notice anything suspicious or require assistance. Police also urge anyone using fireworks to do so safely and responsibly;  it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to buy or carry fireworks and throwing or setting off fireworks in the street is also against the law.

Cape Breton Regional Police will have extra resources in place on Halloween; in addition to regular Patrols, members of the Community Safety Enforcement Unit, Traffic Safety Unit and K-9 Unit will be out in all communities, on foot and in vehicles. Canadian Coast Guard College (CCGC) Cadets will also provide additional support on foot patrol (The CCGC has assisted police with Halloween patrols since 2005.)