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Cape Breton braces for another storm

October 21, 2016

Cape Breton braces for another storm

We’re in for some nasty weather as two storms approach, one from the south and one from the west.

Environment Canada warns there could be localized flooding as a vigorous low pressure system moves through, especially tonight and tomorrow.

The heaviest rains would likely be tonight, 30-50 millimeters are possible and maybe up to 80 some areas.

Sydney mayor Cecil Clarke says he’s petrified about the potential of another major weather event, as Cape Breton got drenched on Thanksgiving.

With the potential for another 100 millimeters, there could be a very large impact because water courses have changed and foundations have been compromised.

Clarke also said with colder weather on the way next week, a priority now is getting heating systems working in flooded homes.