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CBRM storm

October 11, 2016

CBRM storm

Cape Breton County hospitals are offering only emergency services. Elective and Day surgeries have been cancelled.

CBRM opened three comfort centres overnight for people with no power…or who have been flooded out. They are at the Grand Lake Road Volunteer Fire Department, the Reserve Mines Fire Hall and the North Sydney Firemen’s Club.

Firefighters were extremely busy with emergency calls from flooded basements to power pole fires.

A number of streets and roads were flooded and some washed out completely….so be very careful driving through flooded areas….there may not be a road under the muddy water.

Fire and Emergency Services are also asking you to avoid all contact with flood waters in the area of Cottage Road, Oxford and Cabot Streets. Overturned oil tanks and sewage have contaminated water in the area. Other areas may also be experiencing this.