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May 4, 2021 | by: Heather Kerr

This Music is for the Dogs!!! Literally!

A study was conducted on the types of music dogs like to listen to. Seriously, how can I get one of these jobs? Here is what the study found….


Dogs appreciate music, and prefer reggae and soft rock over other types, according to a research paper published by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow. In an experiment, dogs were played 5 different genres of music: Soft Rock, Motown, Pop, Reggae, and Classical, to determine whether it inspire make physiological and behavioral changes. Reggae and soft rock were found to stimulate the most positive behavioral changes. Dogs were also found to have the lowest stress levels while listening to those two music genres. The Scottish SPCA plans to create a canine-approved playlist, and extend the research to other species in its care.
Were they listening with a subwoofer…on surround hound?