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June 15, 2021 | by: Heather Kerr

The Elimination Of Left Hand Turns

If you’ve ever driven on the Sydney/Glace Bay Highway or Welton Street or any busy roadway and had to turn left, it may make you nervous. I know it does for me. Most of the time, I usually take the long way and do a few right turns so I don’t have to constantly look in my rearview mirror, afraid someone is going to rear end me.

New research from Penn State University suggests one cure to roadway safety might like in “strategically eliminating left turns.” About 61% of all traffic accidents at intersections involve someone making a turn left. Their research shows that forcing drivers to make three right-hand turns to get them in the same place they’d be if they were to try one left-hand turn. While that might take a bit longer, they say the safety numbers would increase dramatically because that stop light allowing drivers to go straight would eliminate the need some drivers feel to play chicken trying to make the turn. There are cities in the States that have already done this.