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November 28, 2019 | by: Bill Bradley

Steak made from a Printer?

In a few short years the family dinner table may feature steak from a printer and other proteins produced from air, methane or volcanic microbes. With the success of vegan beef and other substitutes. A new generation of products in the works uses cutting-edge technology to turn otherwise harmful or everyday elements into essential food ingredients, with the aim of reducing agriculture’s massive carbon footprint. The Finnish company Solar Foods is working on an edible protein powder called Solein which uses water, air and renewable electricity as a way to separate food production from agriculture, similar to the way that beer and wine are made. Solar is working with another company to create a lab-grown meat product using Solein. Another company is working to convert methane from waste into protein powder. And a Spanish company is using a special 3D printer to produce steak that can mimic the taste and texture of meat.